Crows Landing All Scale Fly-In 2016

September 9, 10 & 11th Fantastic Days

Well this event was kind of a bust. Although the pilots that showed up to support had a great time anyway. I want to personally thank all those that did come out and enjoy the site. 24 pilots registered for the event. Monty and his group came out on Wednesday afternoon to set up their pit row and got some flying in on Wed. eve. Others trickled in for the next couple of days.

Weather once again was fabulous. Temps were down and the evenings were night skies full of stars also some great sunrises.

Port a Potties finally arrived, a bit late but they did show up. This time we did not have any hot rodders out on the runway which was good. Saturday the eastern most runway was shared with an autonomous 18 wheeler practicing. Sunday on the way out a full size looked like a Cessna high wing came in for a touch and go also doing aerobatics during the day.

So once again we had a bunch of big, absolutely gorgeous jets show up. Jamie Fiffles brought out his big P38 Lightning and wowed the crowd with his flying. Gorgeous aircraft and the sound, OMG. Lynsel Miller brought out his new huge Hurricane and test flew it, success. Looked so good in the air. Darryl Rolla also had a new Hawker Tempest that also did a fantastic job of getting her up and down several times. Great job guys, get them aircraft ready for Castle 2017. Keith and John Costas brought out some cool stuff. Keith test flew a german biplane that was really cool. Then put his big P47 up. John had a new Sea Fury that he tried to get going but had some issues with it so he was unable to fly her. Hopefully we shall see it at Castle next year. As always my good friend George Ellison brought out some cool stuff as well. Ken Gregory showed up on Sunday and received his jet waiver endorsement from Monty. Thanks so much Monty.

Denny and Barbara Baker showed up on Saturday with the Lancair to turn over the keys to the kingdom to me. Got a very pleasurable 2 flights on her which as always gets my adrenaline pumping. Thanks Denny and Barbara, love you guys.

So the highlight and am sorry to see this go in was Shahram Shirazi had a big comp arf jet that he was putting through it’s paces when a pass down the runway turned into a flaming ball. Spectacular, looking like a real air crash. Holy cow batman. He was coming from left to right about 75 off the deck and the left wing decided to leave the aircraft. Down it went and KABOOM bigtime. Luckily it landed in the dirt and did not start a fire. There were still some flames but were extinguished quickly by all that showed up with fire extinguishers. 20 feet away was a big stretch of dry grass that would have been really nasty if that went up. But again I felt so bad for Shahram. A moment of silence please.

Working on next years events. Got that EVENTS!!!!!!! Trying to have an all scale and then a JET fly for next year. All scale will be in Sept around the second weekend and then sometime earlier in the year, maybe towards the end of April. If anyone has any time suggestions please contact me. Both will be just a 1 day event. If you want to be a part of this please send me an email and I will add you to my list.

Ok now the bad news. While talking with Stanislaus County folk, found out that the Crows Facility is getting ready to be developed into a industrial area and so there ends this facility for us. Not sure when ground breaking begins but until it does we may still make use of it. BUMMER BIGTIME!!!!! So sad.

Special thanks to the folks at Stanislaus County for working with me to get things done and to make this event possible. Could not have done this without your support.

A big thanks to Keith Acostas, Robert Broomfield, Denny Baker, George Ellison, Jamie Fiffles, Dave Goesch for the help in setting up the field. Always appreciate the help and support. Makes me want to go bigger and better the next time.

Well that’s all for now. Keep building and buying the big ones.

Till the next fly

Rick Maida